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Wolf Hedge shears
Welcome to the world of Wolf Garten.
Wolf Garten of Germany has a proud history dating back over 80 years. Since 1922 Wolf Garten has specialised in developing premium quality innovative garden tools.
In 1927, inspired by watching local farmers ploughing their fields, Wolf Garten devised a revolutionary method of soil cultivation with tools which were pulled rather than pushed. These new tools enabled gardeners to work in an upright position eliminating backache.
Wolf Garten went on to develop and patent the first interchangeable tool heads and handles using an ingenious tap tight principle. This invention was the forerunner to todays Wolf Garten Multichange system, a unique, quick, easy and secure way of connecting tools to different length handles. But Wolf Garten was not limited to hand tools.
In 1953, the company introduced the worlds first electric rotary mower. The Wolf Garten policy of invention and innovation has continued with the development, of the Scooter and Cart motor mowers which have been internationally acclaimed.
Today, Wolf Garten products are available to garden lovers in over 60 countries and are sold by selected stockists nationwide. Every Wolf Garten product is subject to a strict quality control programme to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Wolf soil rake
Wolf ridger
Multichange - the perfect combination.
Multichange is the unique tool system. Tool heads and handles LOCK together as securely as your seat belt.
Select a suitable handle, and you have over 60 different tool heads to choose from! You can deal with all the usual gardening jobs, and even tricky tasks perfectly and without effort. No wonder this system has been so popular with gardeners all over the world for over 20 years.
Gardening with Multichange makes you want to do more. Not only because of the wide range of tool heads and handles and possible combinations, but also for ergonomic reasons. Different length and style handles have been designed so that you can choose one which suits both your height and gardening needs. A further benefit is the tools precise working angle.
You pull the tool head through the soil instead of the traditional method of pushing the tool for easier more enjoyable gardening.
With such a complete range of handles, you need never bend or stoop to perform any gardening task. You can fix the same tool head to a variety of handles - our push-pull weeder, for example, and work the front, middle and back of a deep border or rockery quickly and comfortably. You aren't likely to tread accidentally on any valuable plants, either!
The tools on this page are a sample of the vast range manufactured by Wolf. Please contact us for further information on Wolf Tools.
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