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Performance Comparison 450X to 525AWD - Albany Mowers & Machinery - Husqvarna sales & Seervice centre

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Performance Comparison 450X to 525AWD

Performance comparisons between 450X & 535AWD.
  • AWD is $1300 more expensive
  • AWD mows 30% less area per hour, therefore will run for more time to mow the same area, and so wear out quicker.
  • AWD runs 100mins per charge, the 450x  runs 270 min per charge. This is important for mowing secondary areas.
  • This means 450X will have theoretically 2.7 times battery life (worked 1,000 charge cycles being the nominal life of a good quality Li-Ion battery)
  • 535AWD will mow 240 sqm per charge. the 450x does 900 sq m per charge. (important in mowing secondary zones.)
  • The 525AWD is more complicated & less robust than the 450X, so will require more maintenance.
  • AWd will mow only 15% steeper slopes, but is much better at coping with slopes down to boundry wires (50% more)
  • AWD is great for smaller, steeper, & difficult properties where boundry over-runs are a problem.
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