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Paddock Groomer

Paddock groomer
A Paddock Groomer is an essential piece of equipment for everyone who owns, trains, breeds or works with horses. Ideal for use on lifestyle blocks,
horse training facilities and for any other horse owner who wants to keep their horse paddocks clean, healthy and tidy. Horse manure left to accumulate
in paddocks turns pasture very sour, inviting weeds such as docks and buttercups, and is very detrimental to the health and wellbeing of horses due to
the ongoing parasite cycle.
Horses living in these conditions can quickly become ill (including fatally) due to serious worm burdens while the pasture can also become very clumpy
with uneven grass growth and will provide less and less quality and value as a food source.

Dump the Contents of the Collection Tray Anywhere! -
Another point of difference with the Paddock Groomer compared to many other manure collectors is that manure and debris is collected into a
removeable tray - very similar to a lawn-mower catcher - which means you can remove and empty the tray along fencelines, onto a manure heap, into
tree surrounds, into bags, onto the back of your ute to take it away or wherever you wish instead of just being dumped on the spot like most other
collectors. New Zealand Made - Should anything happen to your Paddock Groomer requiring maintenance or repairs, all parts and product manufacture
are New Zealand based and can be readily acquired via your Paddock Groomer agent.
.. and last but certainly not least...
• Very Affordable! The Paddock Groomer is one of the most affordable horse manure collectors currently available on on the New Zealand market

Priced at $3995                                           DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
Including GST & NZ wide delivery
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