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Garden Tools



Deluxe garden bag - just like Greenfingers
Stable galvanised framework supports the robustly made bag which features a draw string top to make it cleaner & easier to transport the filled bag.

Shipped in clip together frame kit set & supplied with one bag.
Immediate availability
$ 119.00
Gubba Garden Bag & Hands
Team up a Garden Bag with a pair of Gubba Hands & cut your clearing up time in half.
Made in New Zealand bag has been a firm favourite with Kiwi gardeners for the past 20 years. Specially designed to stand open while you fill it up.
• Holds a stack of weeds, leaves & clippings
• Makes clearing up 'a breeze'
• The tough bag with comfy handles
• Handy to keep in the car or boat.
Size: 700 x 700 x 400mm open
Gubba Garden Hands are ideal for scooping up leaves & lawn clippings - no more prickles or stained hands. Easy to fit and remove.
Immediate availability
$ 40.00 $ 45.00


Niwashi Garden Shark
Niwashi Tool - Garden Shark

The best tool in the the world for clearing tangled Kikuyu grass, flax, ginger, Lilly and any fibrous, ropey stemmed weeds. Cuts them like a knife through butter - all you need to do is grab a handfull with one hand and slicing effortlesly with the curved, razor sharp tool.

Widely used by parks maintenance Companies and Councils.

Serrated Stainless steel blade 17.5cm long.
Wooden handle 21cm long.
Total length 33cm
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
$ 29.00
Niwashi Traditional Garden Tool
Niwashi Traditional Japanese Garden Tool - Right or Left Handed Tool

This would have to be the best garden tool you will ever use. Many horticulturalist with large gardens have used a lot of tools - Not any more!

Do you have arthric wrists? This tool is designed for use in such a way that it allows your wrist to stay in one rigid position, without further aggravation by preventing twist.

Unlike western garden hand tools the Niwashi uses an angled blade that cuts into the soil as you pull it towards yourself. A more comfortable and natural action. The sharp blade makes light work of breaking up compacted garden beds.

Once you've tried it, you will be hooked. Its reputation speaks for itself - just don't lose it.

High carbon steel blade 12.5cm long.
Wooden handle 26cm long.
Total length 33cm
$ 38.00


GardenMate 12 Volt Battery Sprayer
Exciting new product is here! and it sells for almost a third of the price of current offering from C Dax!!

Electric Garden sprayer for effortless spraying. Can be used as knapsack or with the included wheel & handle kit.

Capacity of Chemical Tank(L): 15L
Folding, detachable trolley
Includes 5 different nozzles & spare hose
Overall Dimensions(cm): 40×33×66
Working Pressure(MPa): 0.4 = 58psi
Max Flow(L/min): 2.6
Battery: DC12V 7AH
Bump: DC12V 1-2A
Charger: Input 100V/240V Output 12V 1.2A
Working Time(h): 3-5
N.W.(KG): 6.1
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
$ 299.00
SOLO Knapsack Sprayer
Solo Backpack Sprayers
TANK DESIGN: The distinctive tank shape is your assurance of experiencing a genuine Solo backpack sprayer. This translates into the confidence of owning a unit built by the finest craftsmen using the best materials, and supported by a nationwide network of dealers offering parts and service. Insist on the best, accept nothing less...Solo, your best choice for all around performance and satisfaction.
DURABILITY: Solo backpacks are constructed of high density polyethylene and other chemical resistant materials. A 1 YEAR WARRANTY is provided. Given proper maintenance, the sprayer should last for millions of pumps and many years of use.
FEATURES: . BUILT-IN STRAINERS, SCREENS, and FILTERS help keep debris out of nozzles. Pressure can be regulated to 15,30,45 or 60 psi by means of a built-in PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE. UNBREAKABLE wand prevents damage common to brass and brittle plastic wands. Viton® seals, gaskets and O-rings provide excellent CHEMICAL RESISTANCE and durability.Solo Backpack Sprayer

473P piston pump type-
* Higher pressure - up to 90psi
* More tolerance of bleaches & chemicals

473D diaphragm pump type-
* More volume
* Better tollerance of abrasive powder type sprays
* 12 Litre capacity
* Pressure accumulator for even spraying
* Fully serviceable
* Comes with fan & cone nozzle
* Comfortable shoulder straps
Immediate availability
$ 179.00 $ 199.00
GardenMate 50L ATV / Quad Bike Sprayer
- Model FAAT2550
- Voltage 12v
- Pump volume 4.6L/min
- Pump pressure 4.1 bar
. (60psi)

- Size(LWH): 620x415x395mm
- Unladen weight 9kg
- Laden weight 59kg.

- Polyethylene tank.

- Hose length 5900mm approx
- PVC hose and valves.

- Includes lance, hose,

- 3 x head nozzles.

- battery cable 3m & clips.
Immediate availability
$ 399.00
Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer
This Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer is a versatile multi-use sprayer that offers a spray width of up to 1.2m. with its front mounted broadcast nozzle or 3m coiled hose & gun with variable nozzle
Rechargeable 12V battery that provides 2 hour runtime
Overnight charging
34 Litre chemical resistant tank
3.7 LPM pump with Viton® seals.
Spray width of up to 1200mm. with its front mounted broadcast nozzle.
Delivers up to a 4.5m vertical and a 6m horizontal spray with 18in. handgun
Glyphosate & liquid fertiliser compatable
Heavy-duty 12in. wheels
Can be pushed, pulled or attached to a tractor with the included hitch
Dimensions are 610mm.L x 480mm.W x 610mm.H.
Can be pushed, pulled or attached to a tractor with the included hitch
Dimensions are 610mm.L x 480mm.W x 610mm.H.

Immediate availability
$ 599.00


Lifestyle Block ATV Trailer
Designed to connect to either a ride on mower or ATV, this light weight garden cart has many uses whether you are a hobby farmer, garden supply business, sporting club or just simply looking for a easier hassle free way of moving a load.
When the tray is fully loaded a simple release lever is used to counter lever the tray making empting or spreading the contents accuratley and efficiently.
Part No.GCR004FPK
Draw Bar Length 830mm
Tray Volume 240L
Load (kg) 250
Tray Type Plastic
Tyre Size 16x6.50-8
Tray Size(mm) 1200 x 940 x 300
Overall Height(mm) 700
Immediate availability
$ 449.00
Richmond Heavy Duty Barrows
A Richmond Wheelbarrow is an essential piece of equipment for any builder, bricklayer, renderer landscaper, gardener or home handyperson.
We carry a range of wheelbarrows to cater for all these trades and environments, most commonly tub selection is determined by the primary use of the wheelbarrow-
A plastic tub wheelbarrow is a common choice for landscapers, gardeners and around the home. They are suited to shifting a variety of materials including: mulch, mud and sand.
A steel tub wheelbarrow is most commonly used by bricklayers and when shoveling loads or mixing materials together inside the tub, this is because the steel tray is more resilient to a shovel and more abrasive loads such as cement. They are suited to shifting materials such as: rocks, bricks, sand, tiles, pavers and concrete.
Richmond has a heavier duty builder’s barrow option in the steel tub available that features a thicker tub wall, reinforced nose and heavy gauge handles.
Part No. WBR040
Capacity(L) 100
Load(kg) 200
Tray Type H/D Steel
Colour RED
Tyre Size 16x6.50-8
Wheel PN1610
$ 289.00
Husqvarna Combo Poly Tipping Trailer & Wheelbarrow /Trolley (with Jockey Wheel)
Features new heavier duty deck with UV stabiliser

NEW from Husqvarna - colour matched to their range of rideon mowers
Combo Poly Tipping Trailer & Wheelbarrow /Trolley (with Jockey Wheel)
Rust proof tray and heavy duty one piece axle so you can carry up to 350Kg.\\

Larger 16.00x 8 pneumatic tyres give better flotation on soft ground and have ball bearing wheels.
The tipping tray makes it easier to empty when being towed behind a rideon mower.

Simply fold the drawbar and it can be used as a wheelbarrow for hauling and dumping while providing greater stability and ease to use.

* 350kg load capacity
* one piece, rust proof, poly bin
* bin size 75x105x28 (high)
* 16" x 8" pneumatic wheels
* quick switching between towing or push

FLAT PACK PRICE - Assembly required.
Assembly & delivery Auckland area $50 extra
Immediate availability
$ 449.00
GARDEN CART 75L TIPPING TC2145 250mm Wheels
This is a wow Garden Helper.
It will make your moving of items like firewood, garden soil or mulch around - an absolute breeze.

* High quality pneumatic wheels with bearings
* Tipping 75 litre tray
* Pivoting front axle for easy steering
* Stand up paddedhandle
Limited availability
$ 149.00
Combo Poly Tipping Trailer & Wheelbarrow /Trolley (with Jockey Wheel)1
Combo Poly Tipping Trailer & Wheelbarrow /Trolley (with Jockey Wheel)
Our Most Popular Ride On Tow Behind Tipping Trailer...that doubles as a wheel barrow/trolley.
It has a rust proof tray and heavy duty one piece axle so you can carry up to 300Kg.
It's pneumatic tyres have ball bearing wheels and it's a tipping trailer as well, so attach it to your ride on mower for that extra hand around your property!
Simply fold the drawbar and it can be used as a wheelbarrow for hauling and dumping while providing greater stability and ease to use.
* 300kg load capacity
* one piece, rust proof, poly bin
* bin size 75x105x28 (high)
* 14" x 4" pneumatic wheels
* quick switching between towing or push
Immediate availability
$ 299.00
POLY TRAY BARROW is ideal for urban garden chores
* 78Litre /100Kg Capacity
* Heavy Duty galvanised frame
* Polyethelene black tray
* 3.50 x 8 pneumatic wheel with bearings
Immediate availability
$ 139.00
Lasher Composite Barrow
The LASHER BARROW features Composite Frame & -Poly Tray & Wheel.
Super tough, superlight weight and rust free, This barrow was developed for work in the mines of South Africa
This product is unavailable.
$ 239.00
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